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North Gate

There was a Youth Group meeting last night?

     You wouldn't believe how many times I've got that question.  No really, you wouldn't.  And in all honesty, that is probably my fault.  First we tried making announcements before our fellowship time at church on Sundays.  Then we tried emailing the Wednesday night before Youth Group weekend.  After a few Lead-Team meetings we decided to try a pin-board with printed schedules that people could take. But we still found that we had 
communication issues!

Ok, Now What?
     "Well fine," I said, it's time to make a website.  And so here I sit, day one, of finding photos, cropping pictures, checking spelling, running through old code books, etc...  Anyway, that leads me to the main reason for starting this website and running this blog.  I am hoping that this blog will develop into a popular place to get updates about North Gate, review what happened at our last meeting, check scheduling times and conflicts, see any events coming up in the future, and hear some feedback on how things are going and suggestions for "down-the-road."


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