North Gate
"When the people of the land come before the LORD at the appointed feasts, he who enters by the north gate to worship shall go out by the south gate, and he who enters by the south gate shall go out by the north gate: no one shall return by way of the gate by which he entered, but each shall go out straight ahead."


Welcome to the North Gate website!  Here we hope to provide you with some basic information about what North Gate is, what we do there, and how to get involved.

Firstly, North Gate is the official name of the Youth Group of Living Hope Church in Shelton, CT.  The lead-team aspires, with all hope, to encourage a full-life in Christ for each person that attends.  A life that is full of joy, full of peace, full of liberty, and full of love.  We go by the name North Gate (based off Ezekiel 46:9), in the commitment that when we meet, we come to meet with God, and never to leave the same way we came in, always impacted, and always changed.

We meet twice a month on Saturday nights.  If you'd like to find out more about North Gate take your time and browse the site, and for any questions or for information on how to get involved please follow the brief directions on the Contact page.

We believe that God wants to encourage people through prophetic words given to His people. Prohpetic Words and Visions for North Gate.
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