North Gate

Mike and Tara Grey

Mike and Tara Grey have been a part of Living Hope Church since its launch in January 2009.  Their passion and prayer to reach the younger generation, made them a perfect fit for the North Gate Lead Team.  Mike is a herald of the grace of Christ, and pursues the heart of God with all he's got.  Tara has been the engine of this ministry, as her organization and gift of mercy, drive everything North Gate does.

Mike is a maintenance technician at Really Good Stuff.  Tara is a RN at St. Vincent's Medical Center, and has studied Biology at Marist College and Nursing at Quinnipiac University.

Ben and Jen Ports

Ben and Jen Ports are simply two of the friendliest people you will ever meet (unless Ben is at the plate in a Wiffle-Ball game, he's a slugger!).  Ben is consistently a burning light for the power of Christ to transform broken lives, and a shining testimony of a man who has walked with God from his youth.  Jen herself, has a beautiful touch of compassion, and a motherly affection for the kids.  She is ever-willing to teach, and even more impressive, ever-faithful in her patience.

Ben is an engineer at QDx, Inc., and he has studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Connecticut.  Jen is a teacher in New Haven, CT and also studied at the University of Connecticut.

Jay Arascunaga

Jay Arascunaga is actually Joseph Arascunaga.  Or as some of the kids call him, "J Ah-scoonga-goonga."  Whatever you call him - make sure you include passionate, intelligent, and generous.  Jay has been a part of our Lead Team from the start, and his energy and amiability have been a source of great encouragement to all of North Gate.  Jay is a young man with a bold faith in Christ.

Jay is a project manager at Junk my Car, and he has studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Hartford.